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CHV Carpet Cleaner - 4190422
UPC: 010228104220

Weight: 12 oz - 340 g
Product Type: Aerosols

Chase’s Home Value™ Carpet Cleaner is formulated to clean your entire carpet. Fast-acting foam penetrates carpet fibers to loosen and dissolve dirt, leaving carpets clean, fresh and soft. Use regularly for the most effective cleaning.

  • Cleans up to a 10x12 foot area
  • Cleans safely, dries quickly
  • Vacuum when dry

Recommended uses
Use on wool, nylon, polyester, polyolefin, acrylic and other synthetic rugs and carpets.

Ingredient Information

IngredientFunctionCAS #AllergenChemical Of ConcernLink
WaterCarrier solvent7732-18-5
Sodium Lauryl sulfateSurfactant68585-47-7
NJ Trade Secret No. 36041932SurfactantNA
NJ Trade Secret No. 37198264SurfactantNA
Ammonium hydroxidecorrosion inhibitor1336-21-6
Fragranceodor maskCBI
Butylphenyl Methylpropional (lilial)fragrance component80-54-6 X More Info.
Linalool.fragrance component78-70-6 X More Info.
Diethylene glycol distearate/body builder109-30-8/
diethylene glycol monostearatebody builder106-11-6
Stearic acidbody builder57-11-4
sodium nitritecorrosion inhibitor7632-00-0

Manufactured by Chase Products Co.

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